Participation and leadership in events away from the home institution is an important component of academic growth which is often put aside by academics with family and elder care responsibility, especially women or dual-career couples.  While the effects missing one conference or proposal review panel may be difficult to measure, the cumulative effect of reduced external activities over several years can lead to a substantial gap in academic status (and salary).  The increased availability of Webinars and Video Teleconferences has not significantly reduced the travel load associated with the academic STEM profession.

In order to help academic women set goals for their level of involvement in activities off campus, STEM Family Travel Initiative is gathering data on the amounts of travel undertaken by academics in different positions and in different stages of their careers.  These data will be made available through seminars and on this website.

The STEM Family Travel Initiative also provides educational seminars, roughly one / semester, covering:

  • the importance of travel to academic advancement at all levels
  • role models of successful women who have managed travel and family
  • discussion of travel-related challenges
  • resources available to faculty and post-docs within the 5-college system

Summaries of our past panels will be made available here (click title to download).

Putting Together Your Travel Network (10/21/10)

The Role of Travel in Professional Advancement in the STEM Disciplines (5/28/10)

SFTI Strategy Session  (6/2/11)