Part of the STEM FTI mission is to advocate for childcare at conference and workshop locations.

This occurs through several mechanisms, targeting faculty and post docs and other professionals (in national labs or companies in STEM disciplines) across the US, not just in Western Mass.

STEM FTI’s advocacy activities include

  • helping conference attendees to contact conference organizer themselves, to make that organization more aware of needs and issues.  Click here to download a sample letter which you could send to an organizer or sponsor.
  • lobbying conference organizers / professional societies to provide on-site professional child care, by compiling information on potential users of such resources.
  • lobbying conference organizers / professional societies to keep /expand what on-site professional child care they already provide, by (1) helping to ensure that parents potentially attending conferences are aware of these resources, and (2) letting those organizations know about the magnitude of the continuing need.
  • working with funding agencies and research sponsors on the definitions of allowable travel expense.

Interested in on-site child care at important professional meetings? Click Here

to add your name to a confidential list of parents interested in seeing childcare offered at the regular meetings of particular professional societies.

We hope you will add your name and contact info to the list, whether you work in Western Massachusetts or at a university/National Lab/company anywhere in the US.